Memo to Northfield businesses: get a do-it-yourself small business blog site for $60/yr or less


Seth Godin is a well-known marketing guru/author/blogger.

In one of his blog posts last week titled Memo to the very small, he explains how small local businesses can create an effective web presence for $60/year.

No, I’m not trying to drum up business for me. I’m booked for the foreseeable future. Plus, his strategy says, in effect, you don’t need folks like me. And he’s mostly right.

So what are you waiting for? Join Northfield’s blogosphere. And consider adding a Squidoo Lens. I’ve not built one yet but it looks promising.

My only quibble with Seth’s advice would be to look at as a possible alternative to TypePad. It’s free and allows you to easily add pages to your site.

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