Locally Grown Musicians Featured at Eccentric Circus

sonicate.jpgLike the travelling minstrels of yore, the artists participating in The Key’s Eccentric Circus keep moving from place to place.

The move of greatest current interest is that from the campus of St. Olaf College to the campus of Carleton College for Saturday night’s big event, featuring ten bands, including locally grown Sonicate, pictured here. The Circus is a fund-raiser for the Union of Youth.

For more information, check out the Union of Youth’s website.

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  1. Gilly Wigley said:

    I am so excited for EC! i remember when my brother Graham had to help staff it, AND babysit me at the same time. So i got to sit behind the bar at the Grand, and watch him pour pop from the hose thingy.

    April 27, 2007

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