Econofoods’ new tube-based pharmacy drive-through

 Econofoods pharmacy drive-thru Econofoods pharmacy drive-thru  Econofoods pharmacy drive-thru
Econofoods of Northfield has a new drive-through for its pharmacy. Instead of a window, they’ve opted for a tube system, similar to a bank, with a phone/screen for communications. Northfield Pharmacy (formerly Medicap) and Walgreens of Northfield have drive-up windows.

Anyone know if their tube hooks up to the internet’s series of tubes?

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  1. Re: “Series of tubes.” Actually, back in 1881 (which must be about when Sen. Stevens was born), the Atlantic Monthly published an article by a man named John V. Sears which predicted that homes of the future would be connected by pneumatic tubes to centralized distribution centers; people would simply call the distribution center (on the newly-invented telephone), place an order, and have the requested item tubed directly to the home. Late Victorian e-commerce! (I wrote an essay about this for the journal Utopian Studies a few years ago.)

  2. Rob! This is hilarious for me…

    For many years, I’ve been saying how I’d like all correspondence in America to be handled by a massive network of pneumatic tubes. Put your message in, with an appropriate “port” address, and wuuuussssssssshhhhh fwoooop! off it goes.

    I call the system P-Mail, but the ‘P’ is silent, of course.

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