Locally Grown site traffic report for April, 2009

lg-webstats-april-2009 LoGroNo (Locally Grown Northfield) traffic for April was down 11-12% across the board, according to Google Analytics.  The reason? I have no clue.

  • 17,966 Visits; Previous: 20,572 (-12.67%)
  • 7,725 Absolute Unique Visitors; Previous: 8,695 (-11.16%)
  • 39,511 Pageviews; Previous: 44,500 (-11.21%)

The blog posts of the month getting the most pageviews:

  1. The Natalie Smead story painfully continues 
  2. How atheist-friendly is Northfield? (also, religious vs. legal views on marital rights)


Number of people commenting during the month: 84 (previous, 97).

Number of comments posted during the month: 627 (previous, 607).

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