Prettying up downtown

hanging flowers flowers on pedestrian footbridge Water St brick paver crosswalk

The City of Northfield put up the hanging flowers around downtown this week, including the pedestrian footbridge.  Crews are installing the brick paver crosswalk in front of the Post Office and according to Sean Simonson, Engineering Tech. Coordinator, in the May 22 Friday Memo:

Heselton plans on shutting down the Water Street parking lot Thursday the 28th thru Thursday June 4th. They are scheduled to install the Porous Pavement on Friday the 29th, and the Wear Course paving on Wednesday June 3rd. Final work on the parking lot will include the striping of the parking stalls, which is scheduled for Thursday June 4th. Crosswalk work and other miscellaneous work will be completed throughout the duration of the closure.


  1. Griff,

    Have you noticed all of the painting going on in downtown? The Archerhouse painted their board walk, the fountain got a touch up, the First National is getting a touch up and we (NHS) have painted our staircase and now all of our wood work is getting painted on the Division Street and Bridge Square. Downtown is going to look real good this summer!

    May 29, 2009
  2. Ross Currier said:

    It is good to see all the recent investment in Downtown Northfield.

    Thanks to the Archer House, the City of Northfield, First National Bank, and the Historical Society for putting their money in our community’s heart.

    May 29, 2009
  3. Marcia Walters said:

    The pedestrian bridge effort was a volunteer project with the plants being funded by the Northfield Garden Club. The planting was done by a variety of volunteers spearheaded by Judy Code. Unfortunately right after the baskets on the bridge were planted vandals necessitated much replanting. Let’s hope the replacement flowers are now allowed to grow in peace.

    May 30, 2009
  4. Judy Code said:

    I wish to thank the Mayor’s Youth Council, Marne Thompson and Zach Pruit for their help in planting the Pedestrian Bridge. Everyone worked very hard on this and all of the other plantings along the Riverwalk. Those helping in the landscaped areas were Karen Adams, Sue Von Eckhout, Susie Daley and Sandy Ahrens. Please help us to keep this City looking beautiful. Judy Code

    May 30, 2009

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