Photo album: Hidden Valley Park townhouse fire

Fire destroyed much of Al Linder’s townhouse adjacent to Hidden Valley Park last evening, part of the Valley Pond Townhome Association. His townhouse is on Hidden Valley Drive, right around the corner from our townhouse.  Al was not at home when the fire broke out but arrived shortly afterwards.

The smoke damage displaced residents in the two units to the north of his, Don and Shannon Mills, and George and Leslie Selvig. Sandy Pieri, a volunteer with the Rice – LeSueur Red Cross Chapter and a townhouse owner on the same block, was on hand to help arrange temporary housing for the three affected homeowers.

The Northfield News posted a story, Fire engulfs townhome, on their web site last night at about 8:30.

I was in the Cities but Robbie took these photos. See the album of a dozen photos, the large slideshow, or this small slideshow.


  1. Bright Spencer said:

    Because it is usually so quiet in this neighborhood, and the fact that both me and Doug had our heads in work and did not look out for over an hour, we totally did not know there was anything more than someone going for an ambulance ride, if that.
    That had to be the quietest fire event on the planet.
    Thanks to Robbie and Christie
    for the photos though I do not recommend getting anywhere close to these fires because the toxic fumes are very harmful to breathe. My grandfather was a Hero of the Year Chicago Fire Chief, who suffered greatly from the fumes.
    I was surprised to see how many young children were just hanging around nearby
    breathing in that smoke filled air.

    June 2, 2009

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