3 thoughts on “Jerry B., is this your handiwork?”

  1. too funny. looks just like the one I have in the window. If he snuck out over the weekend, it could be mine. He should be wearing his helmet though, he’s a biking monkey.

  2. My daughter, Gracia, called me on her cell phone to say, Dad, have you seen the stuffed monkey hanging from your sculpture? Come and take a look. I did and found it quite amusing, and took a dozen pictures of it because it actually fit well into the arms of the stainless steel. I let LAMPE LAW know that I saw it and no harm was done to the sculpture. The next time I drove by to show it to a friend, the monkey was gone. I hope it made people smile, because folks who mention that they’ve seen the “normal” BETWEEN EARTH AND SKY, also say it induces a smile. It’s a privilege to have my sculpture in Northfield for awhile. Best wishes, Mac Gimse

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