Give feedback to the City Council on their skatepark deliberations: Online open mic, straw poll, or both

img-19211 I’ve posted all of the Northfield City Council member deliberations (written and audio) about their vote last week on locating the skatepark in Ames Park. It’s now time for your feedback, and we’re giving you two choices: 1) Online Open Mic; 2) Straw Poll. (continued)


  1. Online open Mic
    podium-mic You can attach your comments to that blog post, one comment per person. It’s not meant to be a discussion/conversation, however. It’s intended to replicate open mic at a City Council meeting. Follow-up comments will be deleted. Civility rules apply.
  2. Straw Poll
    surveymonkey-sshotYou can take this straw poll, which primarily prompts you to rate the quality of the Council deliberations as a whole as well as individual Councilors.  Each straw poll question has room for your comments. Civility rules apply.

You can do both.

In a week, I’ll gather up the responses and the straw poll results and figure out how to best submit them to the Council.

If you just want to discuss things informally, join the conversation (58 comments thus far) on this blog post: Council rejects Ames as skate plaza site and then rejects Park Board from further planning.

If you have questions or feedback for me on this process, attach a comment here.

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