Waiting for City Hall 2.0

I found this presentation yesterday while trying to help a friend get a grip on the new business landscape created by the emergence (or predominance) of the phenomenon known as “social media”. Below is is the best explanation of the topic that I’ve seen… with the caveat that anyone who’d respond positively to a slideshow with this title is probably of a generation that doesn’t need convincing. (Ignore the sophomoric “shock value” approach, and just dig into the presentation. )

I started thinking about what huge benefits there could be for residents, businesses, and City leadership if we could do a transplant of the collective brain at City Hall and provide them with a different way of thinking, e.g. dialog versus monologue, not trying to control the conversation (or flow of information), the awareness of how much people are doing online, i.e. “If you’re not on a social networking site, you’re not on the Internet” (slide #17).

I’m still mulling over the implications, but wanted to share the slideshow in the meantime. Use the buttons underneath the image to click through the slides at your own pace.

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