Locally Grown: show for week of 10.29.06

Retiring Northfield City Council Member Dixon Bond was our studio guest this week, discussing the pertinent issues for the upcoming city and county elections.

Right: KRLX Business Director (and Locally Grown producer) Mathias Bell with Station Manager Adam Carr. Click photos to enlarge.

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  1. […] Although Northfield has talked about “The Jefferson Parkway Extension” and another bridge over the Cannon River for at least ten years, nothing has really been committed and I wonder if the County and the State are looking for a more vigorous partner to the south. Highway 19 was described to me as “Class C” with too many curves and inlets to merit substantial additional investment. Dakota County and the State are apparently looking for a an east-west route farther to the north. Council Member and Rice County Raconteur Dixon Bond discussed this “northwest passage” on the recent Locally Grown podcast. […]

    November 3, 2006
  2. […] Yes, Dixon Bond was probably right on last week’s Locally Grown audio show when he remarked, “If Victor is elected, Council meetings will last at least an hour longer.” But Summa is not a gadfly simply for the sake of being one. Even when I disagree with him, which is often, I have to concede that his opinions are usually based on substantive reasons with real thought behind them. […]

    November 8, 2006

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