Updated ‘About Us’ page

We’ve tweaked our About Us page a bit to include these little nuggets:

We’re three citizens doing this with our citizen hats on. Our views don’t necessarily represent the views of the organizations where we wear our other hats.

We’re not a company nor a non-profit, though we may someday become a media empire.

We’re three separate individuals. Many newspapers publish editorials where the senior editorial staff collectively author opinion pieces. We don’t do that. The opinions we express are specific to each of us, not a collective “Locally Grown” voice. Expect to see us disagreeing with one another.

We refrain from sarcasm and satire where there’s a conversation going on, whether that’s on the audio show or in the comment thread of a blog post. It’s insulting to be sarcastic when conversing with someone. But we may occasionally use sarcasm and satire in our blog entries, as a blog can be a pure publishing medium. If a conversation (comment thread) is triggered by one of those posts however, we’ll be sure to switch off the sarcasm and will expect our site visitors to do the same.

We may post faux news items from time to time. You might be able to tell we’re spoofing. You might not. If you’re fooled, we hope you don’t take it personally.

We may use profanity on occasion (in our blogging, not our audio show), because some of us talk that way and think it can be done in an effective and entertaining way. We’ll be judicious, though, like Jon Stewart. If you don’t like it, tough shit, we apologize for your sensitivity.

All of these policies are subject to change as we learn our way. We’ll blog it when it happens.


  1. Lance said:

    I appreciate this site. I’m going to use it to try to learn more about the community I live in and maybe even contribute something eventually. I dont know if I can refrain from sarcasm, however. I’ve had no luck with that in any area of my life so far. But hope springs eternal.

    November 1, 2006