More Recognition for Shepherd’s Way Farms

Today’s StarTribune Taste section featured Minnesota cheesemakers, which included an article about Steve and Jodi Read of Shepherd’s Way Farm in Nerstrand. The article intro says, “…proving that some of the Midwest’s most talented artisanal cheesemakers aren’t working in Wisconsin…. these farmstead producers may be slowing the decline of that foundation of rural American life, the family farm.”

Shepherd’s Way has had some tough going in the past year, so it’s especially good to see them continue to get positive reviews of both their business and their product. In August, their Big Woods Blue won the “cheese Oscar” from the American Cheese Society. If you’ve never had any of the Shepherd’s Way cheeses, stop by Just Food and try a couple. Shepherd’s Way Farm is the type of business I’d love to see more of around here–small, specialty producers who honor our agricultural roots.

Now I’m going to retire with a glass of pinot noir and some Shepherd’s Way Fresiago.

And so to bed.

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  1. Ross said:

    Wow Tracy:

    You got it blogged before I got my morning paper.

    Hope the pinot and cheese gave you sweet dreams…


    November 2, 2006

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