A green roof grows; but what about white?

 Betsey Buckheit and Justin London green roof installation green roof installation green roof installation
Blogger and Northfield City Councilor Betsey Buckheit and her main squeeze, Justin London, installed a green roof (see more info on the Minnesota Green Roofs Council site) on a portion of their house on Saturday with more than a little help from friends and neighbors.

green roof installation green roof installation green roof installation Betsey Buckheit
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In Thursday’s NY Times: White Roofs Catch On as Energy Cost Cutters.

5 thoughts on “A green roof grows; but what about white?”

  1. I tried to comment earlier, but got snagged in Griff’s OpenID net.

    Many thanks to the Locally Grown triumvirate – Griff only toted a camera, but since our hands were quite dirty we appreciate his documentary help. Tracy, on the other hand, not only got her hands dirty hauling a lot of dirt her own self, but brought her husband, daughter, and quite a few college aged people with strong backs so that by the time Ross showed up at about 10 am, there was nothing for him to do.

    We can “blame” the entire project on Peter Schmelzer of Vivus Architecture and Design. He designed the (fabulous) addition to our house and said “What about a green roof?” Obviously, we said yes.

    More about the process over on my blog.

    Finally – have a shed or chicken coop you’d like to put a green roof on? We have leftover materials we’d be happy to sell for a very reasonable price and we’ll provide free advice, too.

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