9 thoughts on “The FieldHouse closes today”

  1. I understand the issue is one of those long and complicated stories, but that the root cause is that after Mr. Movies left, some of their pipes froze and burst, and the building owner didn’t cover the damages.

  2. Seems to me like that space is jinxed. While it’s been renovated on the inside, and is a decent space for a bar/restaurant. It seems that nothing has stayed in there for more than a year. Just like the old Quiznos building.

    But if what Peter says is true, maybe the building’s owner is the reason businesses haven’t lasted there for long.

  3. There was some talk about someone buying it and trying to continue it. I hope so — it’s the closest walking-distance place for lunch. (I don’t count McD’s.)

    p.s.: Griff, if they close, I want money back on the house, because a nearby bar was TOTALLY a key selling point. glare

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