Another Kwik Trip for Northfield

IMG_1844_1000.jpgJim Mangan alerted us that “there is a banner announcing a new Kwik Trip at Hwy 3 and Jefferson Parkway, next to Valley Auto. Do you know anything about this?”

Sure enough, Jim, there is. Thanks for the alert.

I took this photo from Jefferson Parkway, looking north. Click to enlarge. This would be the second Kwik Trip in Northfield. They just revamped their location at Hwy 19 and Hwy 3 over the winter. Anyone have a clue as to when construction might begin?


  1. Gilly Wigley said:

    My personal oppinion is that we dont need another gas station in town. We already have a:
    Co-op/cenex (whatever it is)
    Super America
    Kwik Stop/Trip (what ever it is now)
    Wit Bros
    and the gas station next to the Holiday that keeps changing its name.

    not to mention the one in dundas. And even then, if northfield runs out of gas, we can go to the mini mall in castle rock and get the, rumored to be, cheap gas they have.

    May 17, 2007
  2. Griff Wigley said:

    I would agree, Gilly, but once an area is zoned to allow businesses like gas stations, the City isn’t in a position to say that one more isn’t allowed. It’s really just a business decision and the market — we consumers — will ultimately decide if it’s a good one or not.

    So where’s your favorite place to get gas?

    May 17, 2007
  3. John S. Thomas said:

    I would have to say it is a good choice from a location perspective.

    And the coffee is usually pretty decent and fresh at Kwik Trip for those of us that are up before the coffee houses open at 6 AM.

    May 17, 2007
  4. Gilly said:

    preferable casey’s because its just a block away from home, and they’ve always had decent service. unless its out of the way, or unless their pumps act wierd like they did the other night. then i just got frusterated and didnt want to try a 3rd pump, and went to SA instead

    May 17, 2007
  5. *10-15 second sigh*

    More great, unique development for Hwy 3 here. It’ll go nicely with that wildly appealing clinic remodel.

    Alright, sarcasm switch off for a moment. Seriously, do we need more gas stations? On Highway 3 (or very near the road) we’ve got Kwik Trip, Holiday, Casey’s, Conoco, CVC/Cenex, BP, Corner Mart, and now another Kwik Trip? There are no two gas stations more than 1/2 a mile apart.

    Are there mob scenes with people fighting over the gas pump? Beating each other with tire irons out of mad desperation? I have yet to witness such events. It just seems like Kwik Trip is pushing it in an already-crowded market here. I guess it’s their loss.

    May 17, 2007
  6. Oh and speaking of new construction, does anyone know anything about the new First National Bank building (by Target)? FNB’s website says:

    “The new First National-South facility will be an 8,500 square foot building, and is scheduled to open in December 2007 or early 2008. The bank’s design combines the traditional and historic feel of a brick exterior with a contemporary and inviting interior design and layout.”

    No renderings or anything I’ve been able to find, though. I would love it if it looked anywhere near as nice as their downtown location. Or as good as the new eye clinic. It doesn’t hurt to dream, right? 😉

    May 17, 2007
  7. Gilly said:

    almost forgot the Mobil on woodly and division street. can’t forget that one…

    May 17, 2007
  8. John S. Thomas said:

    I agree that we do not really need another gas station, but I am sure that Kwik Trip is thinking 10-15 years out.

    What if the bridge ever gets built from Jefferson Parkway across to 19? There is only going to be more residential coming in behind the soccer fields, that will dump out on Jeff Pkwy to 19.

    Access to that site should be much easier than to some of the other stations in town. Frankly, the Super America is difficult to navigate.

    I think that Kwik Trip is “speculating” on the future growth of Northfield, and that its actually a pretty smart business decision.

    However, I cannot recall in my travels between Northfield and the Twin Cities of two Kwik Trips in such close proximity. It would not make sense to close the current store after so much investment in a new building, and pumps.

    It is still my belief that gas stations do not make thier money on the gas they sell, but more on the convienence items.

    I guess I am just apathetic to the whole thing. I guess there could be worse things going in at that location. However, I would fully support any resturant that did not serve pizza at this point. 😎

    May 18, 2007
  9. John S. Thomas said:

    I should also add, that as a daily rider of our vanpool, I fill up our personally owned vehicle about once every six to eight weeks.

    I buy most of my food items downtown, so the only thing Kwik trip would do for me is an early morning cup of Joe. I only do this if I need one prior to 6 AM. If its after 6 AM, I take my business downtown.

    I guess that makes me a very infrequent customer to the local gas stations. However, I hear a rumor that a local existing station is looking to carry BioDiesel, and that station will be getting our Vanpool’s full support.


    May 18, 2007
  10. John S. Thomas said:

    Do we actually know for sure that a Kwik Trip will be built shortly on this location?

    Many times, businesses secure property to speculate, or to keep the location out of the hands of the competition.

    May 19, 2007

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