Salon Synergy opens on the West Side

IMG_0191 Salon Snergy Salon Snergy Salon Snergy

Co-owners Lana Huberg (left photo), Amy Williams, and Lisa Marie have opened Salon Synergy (“hair, nails spa treatments”) on the West Side of downtown Northfield on Water St., part of the Froggy Bottom’s River Pub and Suites complex. I took these photos a couple weeks ago when Robbie had an appointment with Lana.

One interesting advantage: you can buy a drink at Froggy’s and bring it upstairs while they do your doo. Somebody should open a dentist office there.

5 thoughts on “Salon Synergy opens on the West Side”

    1. Yes its true! We are really excited and have started the demo this weekend…….the walls are comin’ down! Should be ready to rock an roll before the months end!

  1. We definitely will! We were a little over-zealous in our tear no pix of the very 1st stage.....but are planning to take pix of the next stages! Its guna be awesum!

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