Community Conversational Calendar: What are you attending in Northfield this weekend? (May 18-20)

calendar.gifExperiment time. As I mentioned earlier, we’re getting more requests to promote upcoming community events here on Locally Grown, and we’re generally inclined to not use the blog for it.

But since we do have lots of conversations happening here, I thought it might be helpful and interesting to provide a way for people to conversationally let our site visitors know what they’re attending in the days ahead. Hence, the

Community Conversational Calendar

We would initiate a blog post twice/week, one on Friday morning for weekend events (primarily entertainment-oriented) and one on Monday morning for weekday events (primarily civic-oriented) and then invite people to attach comments to the post announcing their plans. If you’ve already promoted an event on or in the Northfield News or on your own site/weblog, then your comment should contain a link to the permalink of that post/page.

Got suggestions on how to make this work better? Attach a comment.

So here we go.

What are you attending in Northfield this weekend? (May 18-20). Need entertainment ideas? See Christine Bernier’s NEG blog post on for a great overview.


  1. Gilly Wigley said:

    i’m attending/preforming in the Union of Youth writing workshop preformance at the Key.

    and maybe i’ll be with my dad at the skate park coalition benifit breakfast, but i dont really like omelets…..

    May 18, 2007

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