2 thoughts on “The Squirrel visits Northfield”

  1. Thanks, Griff! The squirrel was a big help handing out information about the 2010 Census at the youth fair at Bridgewater. So I was sorry to see that you were shown attempting to stomp him. It appears Rick Estenson treated him kindly, at least.

  2. By the way, on KYMN Jeff Johnson referred to the cat in the cowboy hat in the lower right on the cover of the September Northfield Entertainment Guide as having been “squirrelized.” I believe it was actually “catalyzed.” I refer you to my column on pages 35-36 on artist Bryan Moon, creator of possibly the top-selling whimsical print in the U.S., “The James-Younger Gang’s Last Raid” as portrayed by cats. Not squirrels.

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