A Strib photo that makes things worse

15night0904I was stunned to see this Strib photo accompanying the story on pre-Vikings game partying, titled Party Purple. The text with the photo includes: "Cindy Bradley whetted patrons’, Jason Staads, whistles with free shots."

I think it’s irresponsible for the Strib to glamorize this type of rapid consumption of alcohol, as if drinking to get drunk is a normal, fun thing to do. Jeesh.


  1. Ed Seiler said:

    How is the Trib article different from the glorification of the “Jesse James Outlaw Run” motorcycle ride by the Nfld News and Locally Grown?

    4 stops at bars on the ride, drinking at local watering holes afterwards, half the riders without helmets or protective gear, etc. Not great examples of safe bike riding. Jeesh.

    September 5, 2009
  2. Griff Wigley said:


    I do think it’s fair to criticize ANY media depiction of motorcyclists riding their bikes without protective gear; or ANY media depiction of motorcyclists engaging in ANY alcohol consumption. (I think there are now advertising industry guidelines on both, tho I couldn’t find a link to that info.)

    But I don’t think my blog posts or photos of the Outlaw Run glorified unsafe motorcycle riding in the same direct manner as the Strib photo glorified rapid consumption of alcohol. For example, I do think it would have been irresponsible to show photos like this one.

    September 6, 2009
  3. Peter Millin said:

    They are participating in a legal activity…your remarks seem strange inlight of being pro legalization of pot.
    What gives?

    September 8, 2009

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