Bryan Moon, whimsical artist, MIA hunter

Bryan Moon, Wayne Eddy Cannon Falls-based whimsical artist Bryan Moon (see his James-Younger gang ‘cats’ painting) was a guest on KYMN’s Wayne Eddy Affair yesterday morning. In my photo, Bryan’s holding up a collection of dog tags, as he’s a co-founder of MIA Hunters, whose mission is to "… seek to locate and aid in the return of lost World War II American airhen bringing them back for burial here in the U.S."  The audio of Wayne’s interview with Bryan is not yet posted on the KYMN blog but should be shortly.

Here’s a YouTube video about MIA Hunters:


  1. I am glad I was able to bring Bryan to KYMN’s attention. (He is the subject of my “Historic Happenings” column in the September Northfield Entertainment Guide.) He is a truly remarkable man, dedicated to his art and to his mission. Thanks for posting the link to the MIA video, Griff. The KYMN video is now up and you can read about him in my column on the stands around town or at
    “Art, aviation and adventure”–what a life story he has. And I am sure there are others around town who have his “James Younger Gang’s Last Raid,” where the tough hombres are pussy cats. The print is a worldwide best-selling whimsical, a coup for our town.

    September 16, 2009
  2. Northfield VFW members gave Bryan Moon $2,000 to help fund his upcoming trip to Papua New Guinea to locate mission in action remains, according to a picture caption in Saturday’s Northfield News. What a wonderful gesture of support from them to a dedicated MIA hunter (and marvelous artist, as well).

    October 18, 2009
  3. Hello Bryan,

    On behalf of Cannon River Winery and the Sons of the American Legion, we extend our gratitude for your generous donation towards the Cannon Falls Veterans Memorial Benefit.
    We enjoyed your art prints and we faired well with our outcome.

    Thanks Again!


    Kelly Beaudoin
    Cannon River Winery

    May 26, 2011

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