What’s next for Way Park?

1st St. reconstruction through Way Park 1st St. reconstruction through Way Park Friends of Way Park's spaghetti fundraiser dinner flyer
I took these photos of the 1st St. reconstruction through the middle of Way Park last week, intending to promo the Friends of Way Park’s spaghetti fundraiser dinner on Saturday. Alas, I dropped the ball.

Since I don’t see any discussion on their blog nor on the June 15 Way Park annual meeting update blog post on Northfield.org by Jane McWilliams, I thought it might be helpful to discuss the park’s future plans here. Jane wrote in her update:

Fundraising Committee Chair Dan Dimick outlined the plan for raising money to help pay for the park redesign for which the estimated is cost $714,000. The south end of the park will be developed in the first phase. Because of the city’s uncertain financial situation, no firm construction timeline has been established. Having already received pledges in the amount of $18,000, FWP plans to launch their community-wide public fundraising soon.

As part of the infrastructure replacement on West First Street, the two portions will be united, creating one large park. The group discussed the possibility of using the Elg Memorial Fund to plant trees, once the work on the street is completed. A kiosk, illustrating the anticipated park design and depicting the history of the park, is also contemplated.


  1. Scott Kelly said:

    I supported from the start (and continue to do so) Northfield fulfilling it’s promise to the Way sisters.

    That said, in light of the fact that 1st Street’s conversion to cul-de-sacs on both sides of the area in question is already nearing completion, am I naive to assume that the major part of the cost for completion of the project will come from the city’s coffers?

    If so, will those funds come from somewhere other than the pool which might fund the Skate Park?

    October 8, 2009
  2. Jane McWilliams said:

    I don’t think Way Park is very high on the Parks and Recreation Board’s list of priorities, unfortunately. And everyone knows the city is short of funds.

    I do know that Friends of Way Park is undergoing fundraising in order to assist the city in completing the park. The Friends had a spaghetti supper last Saturday evening. Next Saturday evening, at 7:00 p.m. at the First UCC Church, Theo Wee and Andrea Een are giving an all Bach recital as a fundraiser. It should be a wonderful musical evening, and a nice way to contribute to the park’s future enhancement.

    October 11, 2009

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