The Bridge Square beaver returns; stimulates local clothing economy

Bridge Square beaver Bridge Square beaver  Beaver hat
This beaver (same one from June 2007?) was making the rounds on 4th St early this morning by the Grand Event Center. It wasn’t happy about having me take its picture (grouchy about the early snowfall?) so I coaxed it into my raccoon cage and will place an order with Randy Malecha at Willie’s Shoe Repair for a new hat.

A tip of the blogger beaver hat to Felicity Enders for the alerting me to the creature’s presence.

6 thoughts on “The Bridge Square beaver returns; stimulates local clothing economy”

  1. Beaver shot! No one whom isn’t sexist would say, what you want. Beaver shot? Have you no couth? (is that a word? – like the other side of uncouth?) Ask any baseball player, as they gaze up into the grandstands scanning the rows for …. well you are a piece of change! Must be the cold winters

  2. Somebody’s always trying to do away with beavers. Industrious little creatures, much admired by me. Let them go about their business.

  3. Scott, yeah, I’d like a to help write another sequel to Naked Gun:

    [Frank seems to look up Jane’s skirt as she climbs a ladder right in font of him]

    Frank Drebin: Nice beaver!

    Jane Spencer: Thanks, I just had it stuffed. [hands him a stuffed beaver]

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