FamilyHealth Medical Clinic grand opening

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The Northfield Hospital had a grand opening for its new Northfield FamilyHealth Medical Clinic on Saturday. (I missed the opening ceremony but see Ray Cox’s blog post here for photos.)

The clinic is owned and operated by the hospital, which is part of the City of Northfield. Physician services are provided by Mayo’s Cannon Valley Clinic. Confused? See Anne Brett’s post here for a complete explanation of the changing medical landscape in the southern Minnesota area.

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Left: Hospital CEO Ken Bank with visitors
Center: Hospital Communications Director Scott Richardson with visitors
Right: uniformed staffers. Notice that the logo on their shirt says ‘FamilyHealth,’ not ‘Northfield Hospital.’

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Left: former Mayor Keith Covey (R) with visitors
Right: Center for Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation (CSMR) physical therapist Kevin Johnson (R) comiserating with a fellow patient.

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