Streetlight utility discussions continuing

Damaged streetlightGiven the condition of this streetlight at 3rd St. and Hwy 3 on Monday, it may appear that those who are against the proposed streetlight fee (tax?) are taking matters into their own hands.

Not true. But it’s still a hot issue. Listen to Councilor Jon Denison’s comments on KYMN last Friday; and see the discussion attached to Councilor Betsey Buckheit’s Oct. 11 blog post, where she starts out:


I’m in favor of the streetlight utility, but I’m less thrilled with how we’ve reached this point.  If I unpack this one (I’m trying not to say “shed some light on it”), I find:

I’ve turned off comments on this post. Continue the discussion on Betsey’s post or here on LG on our Aug blog post: Streetlights: energy wasters, light polluters, tax generators?

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