Can I now become a member of the Northfield Ministerial Association?

Robbie and Griff Wigley attending church in Rincon, Puerto Rico A few weeks ago, my son Collin and his New Jersey sweetie Amanda asked me to perform their marriage ceremony. Having spent 7.5 years in Catholic seminary several decades ago, I guess they thought I was suitably qualified. So I became a minister with the Universal Life Church and last Saturday, married them in Rincon, Puerto Rico. The wedding photos aren’t quite ready so here’s one of me and Robbie yesterday in the bamboo church on the beach where the ceremony was held.

I sure hope I’ll be invited to attend upcoming meetings of the Northfield Ministerial Association.

4 thoughts on “Can I now become a member of the Northfield Ministerial Association?”

  1. Griff, my mother paid her $19.99 fee so she could marry her niece’s daughter in Taos, New Mexico. She has performed one other wedding ceremony and is awaiting calls for funerals (one person has lined her up for his funeral, but hasn’t cooperated yet by dying). At 87, she is not sure how much more time she has for her new calling but has enjoyed it so far.
    Don’t forget to purchase the advertised bumper sticker of the church.

  2. Thanks, Obie. What time do y’all meet?  And how many atheists do you usually have at the table?

    Susan, that’s cool. BTW, there’s no fee anymore to become a minister. And using it to perform a marriage is legal in all states except NY.

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