Post-election photos

Ray Cox (lost) and Tom Neuville (won) followed the election returns at Ray’s house last night, along with a group of their supporters. Oh, and their blog coach was invited, too. Click photos to enlarge.

Left: Ray with Greg Carlson, Carlson Capital Management, and former 25B House Representative John Tuma, now a lobbyist for the Minnesota Environmental Partnership. Left center: Ray with NCO Board Member Chip Cuccio. Right center: Tom with his son Luke Neuville, and Ray with his daughter Diana Cox. Right: Ellen Cox giving her loser of a husband a hug.

I walked by the Contented Cow earlier this evening and saw this group having a post-election discussion. 

L to R: Archeopaleo owner Dean Kjerland, Bernie Street, House District 25B victor David Bly, Victor Summa, and Kiffi Summa. Victor narrowly lost the Ward 4 council race to Jon Denison.

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