Village on the Cannon’s view of downtown Northfield

Collegeville Communities President Colleen Hollinger Petters was such a good sport about my faux news piece that I decided to do her a favor. A couple weeks ago, I blogged the new view of downtown Northfield from the condo that Robbie and I are buying on the north edge of downtown.

That’s not the only ‘new view’ of downtown.

Village on the Cannon, the condos for seniors  development that sits on the site of the old County Market at Riverside Park, also has a new view of Northfield and the Cannon River from the south edge of downtown. I look these photos at dusk last week from the top floor. Click photos to enlarge.

Two blighted properties (old Kump Lumber and old County Market) now have two great developments on them with two great views of downtown. We’re dang lucky to live in a town with such ID — intelligent design. We have the developers to thank, as well as quite a few local  politicians, gov’t staffers, citizen members of commissions, and some non-profit board members, too.

[Yes, VOC is a client but I didn’t charge them for taking the photos. Therefore, I only need a half-hearted disclaimer.]

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