Writing Workshop annual reading at the Key

The Key’s Writing Workshop program held its annual reading titled “Life of a Perkins Dish Boy” last Saturday night. This year, the program was led by Carleton College junior Kristin Ginger. See NUY director Josh Hinnenkamp’s blog post and photos as well as this May 12 Northfield News article for more.

Left photo, L to R: Ani Lovoll, Max Jennings, Gilly Wigley, Marie Fischer, Skuylar Huber, Jena Frederick, Kellen Kirchberg.
Right: I captured the audio of Ani Lovoll reading one of her poems, titled “My Themesong.”

Click to play. 1 min, 30 seconds.

(I’m experimenting with Google’s Picasaweb feature for embedding photos and slideshows of varying sizes.

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