Downtown Northfield property tax owners: 130% increase is a Rice County OOPS

rice-cty-tax-oops-sshotrice-cty-tax-mcbride-sshotKathleen McBride, City of Northfield Finance Director, emailed this to me late Friday with the two documents above (now linked to the City’s web site under the Dec. 4 Friday Memo).

This is something I sent out earlier this afternoon to the Chamber and NDDC.  Pretty important for downtown property owners.  I have more if you need it.  Could you post something on Locally Grown soon?!


Hey folks,

There’s a problem with the proposed property tax statements – and they affect those properties that lie within a tax increment district.  We [are] sending out something in our Friday memo today and Rice County has also sent out a press release.  Attached in the Rice County press release and an advance copy of my write-up on the problem.

If you could get this information our to your members it would be great.  Our budget hearing is Monday.

Nfld News: Errors appear in downtown property tax statements.


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