Is the sandwich board on Bridge Square kosher?

Advertising on Bridge SquareDynamic Design Landscaping has donated a lighted Xmas tree on Bridge Square. Evidently part of the deal allows the placement of a large sandwich board next to the tree that advertises their Xmas tree lot on South Highway 3. This seems a bit much to me and with its placement next to the big Northfield Area United Way thermometer, makes Bridge Square look cluttered.

Dynamic Design Landscaping sandwich boardThis issue of advertising in city parks came up last May when a car care fair banner was placed in Ames Park.

5 thoughts on “Is the sandwich board on Bridge Square kosher?”

    1. Griff, you have a point. Digs could clutter the Santa House with their sign, since they are responsible for that. Rick Pavek could clutter that area also, since they are responsible for moving and removing the Santa House. Joe/The Rueb could clutter that area as well, since they are responsible for the fresh paint on the Santa House (and removal of the graffiti). Every Christmas tree that has been donated has come with a sign. Lee Lansing (and sign) donated one for years.
      The walk bridge was cluttered with beautiful luminaries donated by Norm Butler.
      So, I see your point. We will continue to ask for those donations next year, but keep the ‘clutter’ to a minimum.
      Or…another option would be no clutter at all.
      In the spirit of the season, Krin

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