6 thoughts on “Name this spot 002”

  1. This looks like a spot off the walking/biking path at Carleton Arb. My husband and I were biking/running and accidentally turned onto this very spot last week. Looks like someone had a great night!

  2. Griff, I think we need a sense of whether the above guesses are “hot” or “cold.”

    I guess that it’s in the woods just west of Greenvale Elementary, near the new community gardens.

  3. Hi, can’t figure it out. Looks like the area that is now the ice arena at Carleton or just to the west of the ice arena. Reminds me of Arbstock– although I only attended one Arbstock (that was enough). I see someone already guessed the arb, though, so I am not right.

    You know, besides hot and cold = good idea, what if you did research and provided historical or other information as clues? That would be fun. Something like: This spot is really close to what was the first church/congregational meeting spot in Northfield.

    Thanks, Holly

  4. Sorry for the delay. Lahna nailed it immediately. It’s in the upper Arb, a bit east of the paved path, south of 3 oaks hill. I expect it’ll be cleaned up before graduation.

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