Jesse Vig’s GeoGreeting garners a Webby nomination

jesse6.jpgJesse Vig, who grew up in Northfield and now attends the University of Minnesota Institute of Technology, was nominated for a Webby award this year in the NetArt category.

I got to know Jesse when he was a young pup, as he was a frequent customer in our computer learning center, Family Computing, that my wife Robbie and I had at 111 4th St. in the early 80s.

I saw the blurb in the Strib’s Web Search column last month:

NetArt: geoGreeting ( Give props to University of Minnesota Institute of Technology student Jesse Vig for creating this clever site that uses satellite views of buildings to form the letters in e-cards.

Jesse didn’t win (winners here) but I emailed him, asking him if he really existed, and got this reply:

Great to hear from you! My life has truly come full circle 🙂 Yes, i definitely remember Northfield Family Computing. I remember Logo, Sprites, Parsec, Pirate Adventure, audio tapes for storing data and all of that. That was definitely what got my started programming. Really great to hear from you! Please give my regards to Robbie too!

So here’s a sample of what a Northfield GeoGreeting looks like.

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  1. John S. Thomas said:

    That’s pretty slick. And very cool, in a very geeky kind of way… 😎 Great Job Jesse!

    May 28, 2007

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