Students Launch Ethanol Blog for Community

OEDOur Ethanol Debate is a multidisciplinary blog launched by Carleton College students to provide a current research and thinking on all things ethanol, especially as it relates to current events in Bridgewater Township. From the blog:

The articles and video presentations found here address a range of issues surrounding the production and use of ethanol fuel as an alternative to petroleum, including: the pros and cons of expanding ethanol production, the many economic and political factors affecting decisions to choose ethanol over other alternative fuels, and the impacts that building an ethanol plant may have on the local environment and community. We hope you find the site a useful resource for considering these issues.

I poked around the blog and saw video interviews, reports, articles, many other useful resources. Kudos to the students and citizens working on this blog project; there’s a ton of stuff in there. Nice work.

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