CAC’s Christmas Sharing program serves 363 families with 889 children

We got this via email yesterday from Doug Peterson, retired Northfield Public Schools guidance counselor.

Doug Peterson Northfield held its Christmas Sharing program this week that involves a large number of  residents. The idea of giving to others in the community started about 40 years ago when Mary Dyer-Bennet and friends collected used toys to be distributed by the Northfield Police Department. This year the expanded project served 363 families with 889 children.

Christmas Sharing is one way for residents with interest to a more joyous season can share with families that need assistance at this time. Donating to Christmas Sharing should assure that the giver is rewarded as much as the receiver. Those who help in the process are also justly rewarded with that Spirit of Christmas.  Because of Christmas Sharing there will be many more smiles among us all. Congratulations to everyone involved in any way. Northfield is a fine place to live.

Doug Peterson
Resident of Northfield since 1966

CAC’s Christmas Sharing programThe Community Action Center’s United Christmas Sharing program also has a donation page on GiveMN (source of photo on the right). 

See also Donations aid local families in the Dec. 4 issue of St. Olaf’s Manitou Messenger.

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  1. Griff Wigley said:

    Donna Rae Scheffert has a blog post on titled Nine Hundred Children Benefit from Christmas Sharing which links to a longer version of the post on her Washington Times blog, Making Change.

    The Community Action Center (CAC), under the leadership of Jim Blaha, and Holiday Sharing under the direction of Judy Bickel, helps make it happen. Hundreds of volunteers and institutions collaborate. Jim, Judy and their team are a powerful force.

    Eligible, low-income families are identified. Those interested create wish lists. They make reservations to attend the distribution day.

    Gift lists and large boxes begin to appear in our community in November. At my exercise club a huge box was in the entryway. Gradually it grew to overflow with donated gift items. Margaret, the club owner said that in addition to the gifts in the box over $600 was given by members.

    December 14, 2009

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