Photo album: Arb in winter

Yesterday morning’s Alberta clipper dusted us with an inch or two of snow, prompting me to try my hand at another round of macro photos (see the autumn album) in the  Carleton Arb. I’ll probably add to this album over the next week as a parade of snow ‘event’s’ are predicted to march through southern Minnesota. 

See the album of 16 photos, the large slideshow, or this small slideshow:

One thought on “Photo album: Arb in winter”

  1. I was inspired to write a poem of sorts in the moment.

    Fashion Show

    Winding tendrils,
    red berries,
    enduring seeds,
    all the elements
    nature needs
    to be rich
    to be beautiful
    to be interesting
    while lounging on a brown branch
    or chilling in a snow covered ditch.

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