Planning the Community Works! Spring Creek celebration on June 27

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The planning committee for the Community Works! Spring Creek Park celebration on June 27 met at First National Bank downtown this morning. Clockwise around the table (click photo to enlarge) from the left: Rick Estenson, Charlie Hogan, Jim Blaha, Sue Newland, Rob Schanilec, Kevin O’Connell, Amy Gage, Candy Taylor, Jim Pokorney, Joel Walinski, and Matt Olson.

I got the email below a week or so ago from Rob Schanilec, By All Means Graphics, with the PDF poster for the event. He wrote:

… it’s a celebration of citizens making a difference and suddenly we have a park.

  • Soccer Complex
  • Amerman Pavilion
  • WINGS Oasis
  • Everybody’s Playground
  • Eagle Scouts Bridge
  • Marilyn’s Place (CAC/HRA habitat homes across the street)

All of these are individual projects that make up an incredible whole of Spring Creek Park.

All of these are the result of individuals identifying a need and making a commitment to make a difference — individuals engaging the support of organizations (Northfield Rotary, Lions, College City Sertoma, Northfield Area Foundation, WINGS, and others) with the City of Northfield providing the land and civic support.

Because the projects were so driven by individuals, the City and the supporting organizations have recognized that the end-product is a stronger one because it really came from the heart, soul and the sweat of individuals.

And so on June 27 we want to celebrate not only the end product ­but more importantly the process. We want to celebrate community.


  1. Rick Estenson said:

    Thanks Griff and well said! Watch for more details over the next few weeks and look for some fun celebration time on a (hopefully) warm, dry Summer night with Free Ice Cream and Music from the Zillionaires! The City has been fabulous to help make all these arrangements and help complete these projects! It will be a nice time to see your neighbors and friends!

    June 2, 2007
  2. Rob Schanilec said:

    A quick update – Upon further analysis, the logistics of providing shuttle service for a four-hour event doesn’t make sense and so, contrary to the initial poster, shuttle service will not be part of the evening. With soccer games and the celebration – parking will, nonetheless, be tight – though we’re on it. Biking and walking, though, are strongly encouraged if it works for you.

    June 3, 2007
  3. Gene Finger said:

    I noticed that College City Sertoma Club was not mentioned as one of the organizations connected with Spring Creek Park. Please include College City Sertoma as we had a lot to do with getting Everybodys Playground up and running.

    June 17, 2007
  4. Griff Wigley said:

    Thanks for the heads-up, Gene. I’ve edited the text of the blog entry. I’m sure Rob deserves a pie in the face for the oversight.

    June 17, 2007

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