Straw Poll: Best of Northfield, 2009

Rob Schanilec and the Jan. 2010 NEGEvery year, Locally Grown Northfield (LoGroNo) teams up with Rob Schanilec and his crew at the Northfield Entertainment Guide (NEG) to bring you the Best of Northfield as determined by you, the reader.

I stopped by Rob’s Bridge Square office at By All Means Graphics this morning to get the latest info. Lo, there are some changes this year so pay attention:

You’ll notice some new straw poll questions.  And some questions have been dropped.  And this year, there won’t be any ballot boxes around town at stores or other venues.

As for the year attached to the poll, Rob has changed his mind.

Back to your query last year – yes it now makes more sense to me to have this be a best of the preceding year tally.

So I’ve changed the dates (again!) on previous Best of Northfield-related blog posts to avoid confusion. See the Best of Northfield 2007 and 2008.



best-of-Northfield-sp-09-sshot Vote by filling out this online straw poll or by filling out a paper version (PDF) and dropping it off at or mailing it to By All Means Graphics at 17 Bridge Square.

The deadline for casting your ballot is Thursday, Jan. 21. Results will appear in the Feb. 2010 issue of the NEG and here on LG on Feb. 1.

Questions or suggestions? Attach a comment here.


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  1. Rob Schanilec said:

    Alas, Griff, if you keep covering up our confusion, history, if it chooses to pay attention, will judge us as being far more on the ball than we deserve. And for that i thank you, oh powerful blog master.

    December 30, 2009

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