A blue moon to bring in the new decade

Not quite a blue moon over Northfield Today’s New Year’s Eve blue moon is pretty rare. It occurs every 19 years. I took this photo at 6:12 am over Bridge Square in downtown Northfield but technically, the blue moon won’t appear till this afternoon and should be visible (clear skies predicted) directly overhead at midnight tonight as we ring in the new decade. Watch out, though. LA Times:

Some evidence shows that arrests for petty crime and public drunkenness increase 5% during a full moon, and police expect extra aggressiveness and antisocial behavior from revelers whenever a full moon occurs during a holiday.


  1. Griff Wigley said:

    My latest favorite non-fiction author, psychologist Daniel Gilbert, has an op-ed in today’s NY Times that make me grateful for downtown Northfield:Times to Remember, Places to Forget.

    Yes, ‘place’ still matters here.

    Downtowns were once collections of local businesses that lured us with claims of uniqueness: “Try our homemade pies,” their signs read, or “Best jazz selection in town.” Today, those signs have been replaced by familiar corporate logos that make precisely the opposite claim, promising us the same goods arranged in the same way as they are in every other place. The banks and burritos and baristas on one city block are replicated on the next — and in all the malls, in all the cities, in all the states. Americans can drive from one ocean to the other, stopping every day for the same hamburger and every evening at the same hotel. Traveling in a straight line is no longer much different than traveling in a circle.

    Ours may be the last generation of Americans to suffer for return — to remember events that took place when place still mattered. So tonight let us revel in our nostalgia, and long for the days when longing was easy.

    December 31, 2009
  2. norman butler said:

    “…every two or three years (7 times in the 19-year Metonic cycle), there is an extra full moon. The extra moon is called a “blue moon…”

    December 31, 2009
  3. I remember the last New Year’s Eve “blue” moon. 12/31/1990. I was at a friend’s cabin just south of Eveleth, MN. Don’t remember the temperature, but it was somewhere south of twenty below. People were taking saunas and then seeing how long they could stand outside. Really stupid people, that is.

    January 1, 2010

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