Photo albums: Downtown Northfield below zero

Downtown Northfield hoar frost The vapor rising from the Cannon River as it flows over the Ames Mill dam has created a wonderland of hoar frost in a small area of downtown Northfield during this recent cold spell.

See my two albums of photos:

1. Macro photos: see the album of a dozen photos, the large slideshow, or this small slideshow.

2. Normal photos: see the album of 3 dozen photos, the large slideshow, or this small slideshow.

8 thoughts on “Photo albums: Downtown Northfield below zero”

  1. Griff,
    Your frozen parts aside, those are some great photos.
    What camera/lenses are you using these days, and do you shoot in a resolution that is adequate for print?

    1. Thanks, Rick!

      I’m using a Canon Powershot G9 (no special lenses, two years old, since eclipsed by the G10 and G11).

      I shoot at maximum resolution so I can crop liberally. I don’t know squat about photography so I just use the consumer-friendly shooting modes that come with the camera.

      I don’t use a tripod. I should but it’s a hassle to always carry one around. So I try to find nearby objects to stabilize the camera for low-light shots.

      I publish reduced-size photos to my Google Picasaweb account but I do keep all my originals in case people need them for print.

  2. Griff – those are gorgeous shots. Almost makes one happy to live in this deepfreeze. I watched the slideshow over and over and became aware that each time, or at some point, the pictures were more and more close-up – what’s up with that?

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