Skip Boyum memorial at Willinger’s

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The June issue of the Northfield Entertainment Guide is available and the first thing I noticed when opening it yesterday was the full-page ad on page 2 for the new/revamped restaurant and bar at Willinger’s Golf Club. Robbie and I paid a visit last night. When we told the manager we’d seen their ad in the NEG, he said at least a half-dozen other couples mentioned this to him and the NEG had only been out for two days.

IMG_2514.JPGWe picked a good night to go because the gorgeous storms gave way to a spectacular sunset.

We walked the paved paths of the golf course a bit after dinner and were struck that there’s no development around it – no ‘executive’ homes, no commercial development.

Below the clubhouse, there’s a memorial clock set in stone that reads:

In honor of our friends
Tom Blaisdell
Skip Boyum

Skip Boyum was an Ole and a long-time Northfield High School swim coach who died in 1997 from a degenerative nervous system disease. When I Googled his name, I discovered that his daughter and son-in-law, Cindy Varley and Bob Hauck, have a Northfield business called Making Waves Swim School. And coincidentally, they just bought the house of Northfielders Steve and Katie Sheppard who, after 30+ years, are moving to Iowa and had a going-away party last week at St. John’s.

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