Cocoa Bean to reopen this summer

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Eileen Seeley, proprietor of Downtown Dancewear at the corner of 5th and Division, has a sign in the window announcing that their Cocoa Bean shop will reopen later this summer across the street in the space where Judy’s Floral Design is currently located (also known as the old Irwin’s Flowers building.)

13 thoughts on “Cocoa Bean to reopen this summer”

  1. That’s exciting. It’ll add a little economic vitality “south of 5th”. And if the Muni moves forward on the 600 Block, I’ll quote Will Rogers with “candy is dandy but liquor is quicker”.


    This is an EXCELLENT location, and will bring much needed traffic to this block.

    Some outside seating here would be wonderful as well.

    Does anyone know who owns the parking lot next to this location? Is it owned by the owners of this location, or by Fine Groove or Grundy’s?

    I am looking forward to the reopening. I know my family will be excited to hear the news.

  3. Hi everyone. To answer some of the questions:
    The parking lot is owned by Frank Gates, Northfield Insurance.
    And yes, we plan to offer outside seating as we did at the other location.
    The project is moving along, and we look forward to seeing all of you soon!!
    P.S. What about liquor filled candy?? We offer a great selection at the holidays!!

  4. I wont budge for fudge.
    unless it’s the fudge that Tim Sellers makes. I had that at a holiday party once and it was the best!

  5. Maybe we could have a “fudge off”. I’ve heard that from lots of people, and than they admit mine is “BEST”!!

  6. ‘aint it a grudge
    when you get a fudge smudge
    on your Henry and Mudge

    dont you judge
    what a drudge
    a fudge smudge
    is to clean off….

  7. I wouldnt mind a “fudge off”. You know Eileen that you’d get my vote if it was some sort of coconut fudge. 😀

    or we could just designate a month as “Give Gilly Free Chocolate Month”. Either one would do.

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