Soon to be 100 years old

Northfield Public Library Board Chair Margit Johnson No, not Northfield Public Library Board Chair Margit Johnson, though she, too, is getting up there. (I know, she hardly looks a day over 75.)

It’s Northfield’s Carnegie Library that’ll be hitting the century mark this year. On Monday, Margit stopped by my corner office at GBM to show me the planning document for the centennial celebration. See her guest column in today’s Nfld News, Library building celebrates 100 years in 2010.

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  1. Margit’s column ends with this:

    The centennial will feature free monthly concerts, an historical exhibit and DVD premier, a poetry slam, authors’ reads, a joint birthday party, a spelling bee, and more. Check the library’s Web site at for more information.

    Alas  #1:  the Northfield News refuses to make a link of that URL, so allow me:

    Yes, the domain redirects to:

    Alas #2: there’s no information there about the library’s centennial celebration.

  2. The continual commitment of the library staff and board to get the biggest bank for OUR buck, by using their creative skills, was exemplified last night by the appearance of “Andrew Carnegie” at the council podium, to read the resolution declaring the centennial year of the Library… and complete with a recognizable Scots accent.

  3. Shameless promotion of a good cause: The Friends of the Library also put together a commemorative calendar to celebrate the centennial. It has some great images and is available at the library for only $5.

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