A Thanksgiving tradition at The Rueb

For the past several years (maybe longer?), a large number of twenty-somethings of Northfield who’ve gone off to other locales (jobs, college, life) return to town the night before Thanksgiving and gather with other patrons (mostly same-age) at J. Grundy’s Rueb ‘N’ Stein, AKA, The Rueb.  I paid a brief visit on Wednesday eve to take some photos of the scene, including the band members of Down Lo who performed in the Upstairs Rueb.

Left photo
, L to R: Will Nissen: Keys, Sax, Back Vocals; Mike Cini: Drums; Mark Grundhoeffer: Guitar, Vocals; Ryan Nielsen: Bass. Left Center: Jeff Paskell (Mr. Sticky) did the sound board. Right center: Kevin Stanke joined in for a set. Right: my son Graham Wigley with Northfield Police Sergeant Mark Murphy (recently a candidate for Rice County Sheriff) who was on-duty.

Click the photos to enlarge and see another 20+ in the Rueb photo album. Full disclosure: The Rueb, Mark, and Graham are/have been clients.

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