Community Meeting at Carleton College

OldMiddleSchool.jpgTonight Carleton College is hosting a Community Meeting.

Although much of the conversation may revolve around the ESNG’s concern about students living in their neighborhood, I am hopeful that the topics will also include Carleton’s plans for the new Art Center in the old Middle School. Some of what may be reported is the result of the college’s recent planning process, captured in “Toward a Consciously Creative Campus – A Collaboratory & Music Center“.

The Carleton Art Center, or “Collaboratory & Music Center”, could make a substantial contribution to Northfield’s regional and national reputation as an Art Town. The tens of millions of dollars of investment in the community will almost certainly have a positive impact on the town’s economic vitality for many decades.

The meeting will be held Boliou 104 at 6:00 p.m and the public is encouraged to attend.

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