Locally Grown memberships reach the quarter century mark

LG membership banner ad Back in early December when we launched the LG membership plan, I blogged that my goal for the week was 25 memberships.  That was a typo. I meant to say “for the upcoming quarter.” Heh.

Today, we hit 25 memberships: 8 businesses/organizations and 17 individuals/couples. Let’s call them the Founding Members!

To celebrate our modest success, I’m turning off the ad banners for a while to give everyone a break. (They’ll be back!)

Founding members include:


Bridgette Hallcock Photography
Ecotrans, Bill Steele
Northfield Historical Society, Hayes Scriven
KYMN Radio, Jeff Johnson and Tim Freeland
Lampe Law Group, Tracy Davis
Premier Bank Northfield, Sandy Vesledahl 
Rice County Humane Society, Kathleen Jasnoch
Rotary Club of Northfield, James Grabau


Anastasia Balfany
Andrea Een
Anthony Pierre
Bruce Morlan
Clay Oglesbee
Curt Benson
Doug McGill
Felicity and Patrick Enders
Jane Moline
Joe Paul
John George
Kathleen Galotti
Kiffi and Victor Summa
Leanne Stremcha
Leisa Irwin
Paul Zorn
Peter Millin

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  1. Oh, I will come up with a very special post!…does NHS get a special prize for putting you over the top? A LoGro coffee mug or something?? 🙂

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