Giving drug users a bad name

Carleton ArbCoors Light litter in Carleton ArbI’ve got nothing against drinking and smoking outdoors. But when those who do don’t properly dispose of the associated delivery systems, it pisses me off. 

While taking photos in the Carleton Arb earlier this week, I couldn’t help but notice:

A) a freshly discarded can of Coors Light below the bridge in the Upper Arb, and B) a freshly discarded pack of American Spirit cigarettes in front of the Rec Center. Grrrr.

Carleton Rec Center American Spirit litter at Carleton Rec Center


  1. Michelle Hawkins said:

    I agree with you about this, as far as it goes. Just doesn’t go far enough. “Sight pollution” and trash is left by more than just smokers/drinkers and in far more areas than colleges. Look at HWY 3 near Taco Bell! And let’s get real here, it’s an aggravating lack of respect not just by those who leave their trash but also by those businesses responsible for impacting their surrounding blocks this way by not even providing outdoor trash cans for the public.

    That said, lets recognize this is an annoyance but nothing compared to the ’sight pollution” and safety issues of Crack Cocaine arrests happening right outside my front room window on Greenvale, the noise pollution of the drinking and drug use parties that happen in the apartments I live in and across the Street at the Woods II where drugs are dealt daily, often with Greenvale residents walking past my window several times in a day to feed their habits.

    Not to mention the 3 crack pipes and 2 syringes that I had to step over in the Greenvale Apartments parking lot to get to car just this past week.

    Cigarette butts and beer cans?.. get a life. Maybe bringing ALL of Northfield together to fight the influx of Drug Dealers and gang members that have decided Northfield is prime pickins.

    March 10, 2010
  2. Michelle Hawkins said:

    I do want to add one more thing, if WE’RE not part of the solution, WE are ALL part of the problem.

    If anyone wished to contact me about how to stem the tide of drugs into our fair town, support the police in their efforts, and rehab the addict created by these predators, *I* am willing to donate my time to this. I fear those that aren’t.

    March 10, 2010

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