The ‘Most Northfield students’ campaign

Positive Community Norms Campaign posters  Positive Community Norms Campaign posters Margaret Colangelo and Amy Stowe
The ‘Most Northfield students’ campaign signs are plastered all over the Northfield Middle School these days. Today I noticed that the campaign now includes “Most” t-shirts that are being worn by some staffers, including Principal’s Secretary Amy Stowe, pictured here in office with Site Specialist Margaret Colangelo.

It’s all part of the Positive Community Norms Campaign of the Northfield Mayor’s Task Force on Youth Alcohol & Drug Use. Joan Janusz and Susan Sanderson, Co-Chairs, highlighted the campaign in the January Boards and Commissions memo.

For more, see the April 2009 guest column in the Northfield News by consultant Heather Kuehl titled ‘MOST Northfield students’ initiative.


  1. Griff Wigley said:

    Today’s Nfld News: MOST program wins recognition

    The MOST campaign, an initiative of the Mayor’s Task Force on Alcohol and Drug Use, is in its second year — and is earning its creators international recognition. Northfield’s Neuger Communications this month received a 2010 Communicator Award of Exellence from the International Academy of the Visual Arts for its work on the campaign posters, designed by Elin Odegaard.

    An integral part of the campaign, Neuger Communications created the design and the posters for the campaign for free. “Neuger donated all of their time (for the project). We are hugely grateful for all the work they’ve done,” said [Zach] Pruitt. “We have an ongoing commitment to do work that we feel is important locally on a pro bono basis or a greatly reduced price. We want to contribute to the community,” explained Penny Hillemann, vice president and senior communications counselor for Neuger.

    Some links:

    June 12, 2010
  2. Griff Wigley said:

    Congrats to Penny, Elin, and Zach. I think a few others had a hand in this, too. Pat Allen?

    June 12, 2010

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