Sidewalk salonistas, 2005 and 2007

IMG_2113.JPG IMG_2614.JPG
Left: Exactly two years ago today, I blogged on about a group of sidewalk salonistas “… obstructing the sidewalk while using mood-altering chemicals in front of the Goodbye Blue Monday.”

Right: Some of them are still engaging in the practice, as evidenced by this photo that I took earlier this week. The group is larger but the women seem to have bailed, strangely enough. (Click photos to enlarge.)

6/20 update: Marion Cass, Carleton chemistry professor, became the group’s token babe today.


2 thoughts on “Sidewalk salonistas, 2005 and 2007”

  1. Don’t forget the Thanksgiving morning photos of 2006:

    (Okay, they weren’t taken by Griff, but still…)

    Those photos/post went a long way toward explaining to our relatives our excitement about our imminent move to Northfield – and that this was not an ordinary little town on the edge of the prairie.

    It would’ve been even better if I’d known then that my boss was one of the masked men in the picture.

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