The benefits of an Olympics course worker: hanging out with Lindsey and Julia

Robert Palmquist and Julia Mancuso Robert Palmquist, course worker Lindsey Vonn and Robert Palmquist
Robert Palmquist, CEO of Speechgear here in Northfield, has been in Vancouver for the Olympics the past two weeks, volunteering as a course worker for the women’s ski events and “supporting the Olympics by providing speech translation systems” (see press release).

He has four albums of Olympics photos in his Facebook photo gallery including the ones above where he wrote:

After a LOT of work on the course and VERY early and long days, we pulled it off and ran the woman’s downhill. Lindsey Vonn won the gold, Julia Mancuso the silver. Afterwards I went to the medal awards ceremony with the Vonn family, and later that evening joined them for a small celebration party with Lindsey and Julia.

I spent some time with Robert at Speechgear’s HQ before he left.  More on that visit soon.

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