Community leaders at St. Olaf

St. Olaf kicks off its Christmas Festival each year with a dinner for community leaders.

Left and left center: St. Olaf President David Anderson acknowledged the brave souls in the crowd who said they actually ate the lutefisk that was offered. Not only was he funny with his remarks, he kept them brief, and was masterful at introducing his senior staff (right center) while making gentle fun of them.

Right: Kathy Lansing, Maggie Lee, Linda Wasner. Evidently, the three visited the dessert table so many times that they were asked to leave and told they would not be invited back next year. I think I heard that right. Maybe I’ll ask Amy Gage, Director of Marketing-Communications, to verify that so don’t spread this around or blog it irresponsibly until I find out for certain.

3 thoughts on “Community leaders at St. Olaf”

  1. Hey Griff:

    Well, I’ll sheepishly admit that I gave City Administrator Al Roder a hard time about the substantial pile he had on his dessert plate without revealing that it was my second trip. Maybe we’ll have to race off the pounds together in the Jingle Bell Run.


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